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Alpine Technology Co.,Ltd
Room 317, Yihe Center, Huayuan Road 13#, Haidian District Beijing Beijing 1000888 China
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Gina , Sales

Alpine Technology Co.,Ltd
A dependable seller-Alpine Technology Co., Ltd.

We are the professional supplier of Pharmaceutical Intermediates in China. There are  variety of products for you. Please feel free to contact with email/skype  gina at alpine-ltd.com   for free sample.  Waiting for you,  thanks in advance.




About Us

Alpine Technology Co., Ltd.   has the  professional factory to produce chemicals according to clients' requirement.

Our customers are from Asia, North America, Middle East, Africa etc. We welcome to your various inquiries about our products. To guarantee the products quality and exert own advantage, our company sets a very strict standard to ensure a very good quality of our products. The quality system runs through the layout of workshops and supporting facilities, from equipment to ...

Hot Products

Testosteroness Propionatess CAS NO.57-85-2
Testosteroness ...
Fmxp,Cas 1400742-42-8,F-mxp
Fmxp,Cas 1400742-42- ...
Adbica, Cas 1445583-48-1
Adbica, Cas ...
Dexamethasone Base CAS NO.50-02-2
Dexamethasone Base ...
Fenbendazole, CAS 43210-67-9
Fenbendazole, CAS ...
Glycylglycine,CAS NO.556-50-3
Glycylglycine,CAS ...
D-threonine,CAS NO.632-20-2
D-threonine,CAS ...
Yohimbine HCl CAS NO.65-19-0
Yohimbine HCl CAS ...
Moxifloxacin CAS NO.151096-09-2
Moxifloxacin CAS ...
Triclabendazole,CAS NO.68786-66-3
Triclabendazole,CAS ...
Dinitolmide, CAS NO.148-01-6
Dinitolmide, CAS ...
Bortezomib,CAS 179324-69-7
Bortezomib,CAS ...
Phenolphthalein,CAS NO.77-09-8
Phenolphthalein,CAS ...
Oxaprozin, CAS 21256-18-8
Oxaprozin, CAS ...
Peramivir, CAS NO.229614-55-5
Peramivir, CAS ...

New Selling Leads

Sell Tamoxifen Citrate,cas54965-24-1
Product Introduction: Tamoxifen citrate English name:Tamoxifen citrate Another ...
Sell Estradiol Benzoate,CAS 50-50-0
Product Introduction :Estradiol benzoate Synonyms: (17beta)-Estra-1,3 ...
Product Introduction: Anastrozloe (Arimidex) CAS NO.:120511-73-1 Molecular ...
Sell Estradiol Benzoate,CAS: 50-50-0
Product Introduction:Estradiol benzoateCAS: 50-50-0MF: C25H28O3MW: ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Alpine Technology Co.,Ltd
Country/Territory: China
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2013/04/16 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
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